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a message from our vp of recruitment 

Dear PNMs,

My name is Audrey Welch, and I am the Vice President of New Member Recruitment here at Alpha Phi.  With the Fall 2024 semester approaching quickly, so is the opportunity to find your home away from home by going Greek!  Going Greek will be a way for you to embark on endless opportunities, find a sisterhood that feels like family, and be welcomed into the biggest support system.  I can't believe that two years ago I was in the same position as you all, anticipating how Greek life would have an impact on my life.  Now, here I am in a leadership position and being inspired by my now best friends to be the confident girl I've always wanted to be.  Going Greek has changed my life in ways that I can't explain, and I can't wait to do the same to you all! I can speak for myself and the rest of our chapter that we are beyond excited to share our ideals, philanthropy, leadership opportunities, and all the other things that come with being an Alpha Phi.  Our sisterhood wants to welcome you all with open arms to GO GREEK, and we cannot wait to meet your beautiful personalities at WMU this fall!


Audrey Welch

informal recruitment 



Informal Recruitment is a much less formal version of recruitment! It allows you to attend the houses of your choice, meet our sisters, and ask any questions you have about our chapter!


You can head on over to our Instagram account and send us a DM letting us know you are interested in Informal Recruitment!

Click here to access our Instagram page!


Dates to Know!

  • Orientation: September 23th

  • Stage 1 Day 1: September 24th

  • Stage 1 Day 2: September 25th

  • Stage 2: September 26th

  • Preference: September 27th

  • Bid Day: September 28th

quick tips!

Be Yourself!

Let your true self shine during recruitment! The best way to find your forever home away from home is to be you and be confident!

Have an open mind!

Don't make up your mind before recruitment even begins and remember that your decision is for YOU only! Make your decisions based on where you feel the most comfortable. 

Use your Rho Gammas!

They are there to help you! They have been selected fro a reason and are there to support you in whatever you need throughout recruitment

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